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For International

To students from overseas

Meidai Support Corporation is a subsidiary of Meiji University to support student’s life in Tokyo.
In order for you to find suitable living place, we are happy to introduce reliable real estate companies which are approved by Meiji University.

How to use this website

Please contact real estate company directly, if you come across some interest house. (In most of the case, you can contact them through their website)
If you inform them that you are student of Meiji University, you may receive special benefit in the rent contract. ( For details, please ask each real estate company.)

List of real estate companies which have business relationship
(By type of house)

Student dormitory

They have a house manager living in the building and meals are included. Toilet and shower room are not in each room, but are in common area.
You may find real estate companies which run Meiji University’s dormitories and also other dormitories which are not exclusive for Meiji University student.



Wakeijuku is a dormitory for male university students. The aim of Wakeijuku goes beyond pure academic pursuit, with a view to develope character and international understanding, it serves as a place where scholars, regardless of university affiliation, can experience frequent and free interchange with their peers in a residential environment.
The resident body of some 400 students of approximately 50 various universities in the metropolitan Tokyo area consists of both Japanese and international students. The Wakeijuku campus offers to international students the opportunity to study traditional Japanese culture, customs and philosophy.

▪How to apply :
Please fill in all the blanks of Wakeijuku application form without any omissions and send it with 1 photo by email to the following address;
Wakeijuku Attn: Ms. Asuka Shimofukasako E-mail: asus@wakei.or.jp

Student only building

Some of them are quite similar to the above mentioned Student dormitory in terms of a house manager living in there and meals services are included.
But, there are other student only houses available which do not have house manager living in there and no meal are served.

Student apartment synthesis guidance center(MAINICHI COMNET)

Student apartment synthesis guidance center "MAINICHI COMNET Co., Ltd." Including student apartments, there are many apartments with meals and furniture. MAINICHI COMNET group of TSE First Section listing, around Tokyo we does the operation management about 9,000 student leasehold properties in the whole country.

UniLifeGlobal Takadanobaba

UniLifeGlobal Takadanobaba (ULG) is always supporting room finding of international students by multi language speaking staffs who contact in English, Chinese and Korean.
Feel free to contact us even if you don’t have confidence in Japanese!!
ULG’s advantages such as No guarantor (contract with guaranteeing company and securement of urgent contact person are required), Furnished room with appliances,
Contract before coming to Japan and so on ease your concerns for room finding and contribute to comfortable start of new life.
ULG has plenty of supporting experiences regarding room finding for international students of Meiji Univ. Be reassured for it!!


We help you find an apartment in Japan. No Japanese guarantor required, access to the Internet, we can find you a nice place without stress. We have apartments for students with security and 24/7 support. Please feel free to contact us.

TOKYO Student-House
(ITOCHU Urban Community)

Our student dormitories are managing 24-hour operations, meal plan, and furnished. For Meiji University students, you will have 100,000 JPY discount(not only for all dormitories)for admission fee, moreover no intermediary fee for these real estate.
Tokyo Student House Eifuku: It is only 10 minutes on foot from Izumi Campus, and women only dormitory. Tokyo Students House Tsutsujigaoka: This is men only dormitory with meal plan.
We have some more tempting dormitories around the campus, so if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Tohjin Support

  1. We, Tohjin Support Co.,Ltd., manage and operate student dormitory that provides about 1,300 rooms with meals mainly in the Musashino area of Tokyo.
  2. About 70,000 people have been used our dormitory since its establishment in 1970.
  3. We provide “Warm and Tender Care” so that students, from all over Japan and around the world, enrolled in various schools in Tokyo can have a“Safe”, “Secure” and “Comfortable” life.

Share House

You can have your own room, while shower room, kitchen, and toilet are in common area and are shared by tenants. Unlike to the above, sharehouse may allow you to stay short period minimum from one month. In comparison, living expense is lower than the above choice. In addition, you can enjoy communication with other tenants. Some of them are Japanese and some are non-Japanese.


①Reasonable…No guarantor necessary. Low initial cost. There is a special fee for Meiji University students.
②Useful…Internet access will be available for all private rooms on the day of arrival. Rooms are fully equipped with furniture. Start your new life with only a suitcase no worries.
③Satisfying…You will meet a lot of people from different parts of the world and with different experiences. The building will be kept in a clean and sanitary condition by professional cleaners. Various events and parties will be held, such as "Japan Culture Class"
④Bilingual Staff On Duty…Bilingual and hospitable staff are on duty, so you can rest easy and feel at home. They are there to support you like family and deal with any issues should they arise. The building is tightly secured 24 hours a day! The secure building provides a woman living alone for the first time with safety.


No key money or guarantor fees; simple reservation process. Multilingual staff and house managers assist you from room search to move-in fully-furnished rooms. Lots of exchange students live in our houses! Support in English, French, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese.


Would you like to stay TOHTO share house with nice friendly Japanese? Mainly young people tend to live in the Guest Houses and have community life.
You can have your privacy in your room while you can communicate other tenants in common areas.

Be Good Japan

There have been more than 50 countries of residents who introduced by the agents of study abroad, universities, legal persons are living in our share-houses.
Certainly, not only in the share-houses, but also we hold international communication events for many times.
We also make a work partnership with IKEA , so it provide our share-houses the total design, the setting up of the share cycle, periodic cleaning, maintenance and so on.
We will provide you comfortably service everyday.


Our Sharing house "Share Place" is known for its well organized facility and living environment. We have been operating 20 sharing houses over 10 years as a major player of this sector.
The concept of Share Place is "Providing a home for each person living alone" Characteristics of our Share place are secured private space, clean and well furnished common living space. We emphasize face to face communication among residents and staff.
As an initial cost, we do not charge you intermediate fee and guarantor. We support your living in Japan !

Other Rental Choices

Regular apartments are not only available for college students, but also for to general public, so if you choose this option,
your neighbors will not be only students. Choices are abundant. You should be able to select the neighborhood or part of the city, room sizes, and apartment facilities.


Want to start calm and privacy-secured independent life, Tohto offer you the best option. We provide you various choices of room type from studio apartments to auto-lock mansions, where you will spend time managing on your own, and earn irreplaceable experience as a grown-up.
Some rooms are available for 2 people. Please feel free to ask us and take a first step toward independent student life!


ABLE International Center, we support oversea students, is implementing a student discount system. If you sign a contract with our "ABLE Student Discount" in our ABLE Stores, you will receive a 10% discount on the brokerage fee(as usual the brokerage fee is the half-month rent (excluding tax). We support English and Chinese. We will do our best to support all of our customers. To know more, contact with us please.